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Owen is a professional Illusionist based in East Sussex and has entertained audiences of all sizes since 2012. He has performed at the Magic Circle HQ, Kings Cross, London and recently exchanged tricks with legendary pick pocket, James Brown, at the JFK airport, New York. He is available for events in the South East and London.


Package #1 - Roaming Magic

This session involves sleight of hand magic and is ideal at events where guests are standing i.e. between activities at a wedding or corporate function.

1 hour - £150 for first hour (£75 for every hour after) + £45 if your event is outside of Sussex


Package #2 - Table Work

ideal for restaurant magic where guests are waiting in between meals or weddings where guests have been situated at tables.

1-2 hours - £175 for first hour (£75 for every hour after) + £45 if your event is outside of Sussex


Package #3 - Stage magic

Alarge performance involving all types of magic where guests will be bought up to be involved with the effects happening on stage.

15-30 minutes - £195 + £45 if your event is outside of Sussex

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